An invitation

Thank you all for reading and commenting on the posts I’ve written on the blog – known as the Candle or the Mirror – during the past three weeks. The Facebook, blog and email responses have been so touching and supportive of my work. Some of you have shared how my writing has inspired you to write. Thank you. It’s an honor to be trusted with your truths and to be able to trust you with mine. To inspire and be inspired is a gift!  Thank you.

Now, you are invited to be the candle. What this means is I welcome you to submit a poem, story or anything you’ve written. Other readers and myself will be able to comment using this Amherst Writers & Artists (AWA) guideline: From what you read, what stays with you? What did you like? What was strong?

When you submit a writing and/or a comment, they are not automatically posted. I have to approve them before they go live. Following the AWA guidelines and the need for me to approve submissions and comments should keep this forum safe and supportive for all.

So, please, give yourself  and readers of this blog a May gift, your light and words.

If you need a prompt to get you started try one of these:

“My mother birthed me and now I am birthing…”

“The gifts my mother gave me…”

“Mother, I forgot…”

I try to post once a week, so please send your words by Saturday, May 5.

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