A Typical WritersGathering

What’s happen at a typical WritersGathering?

We welcome each other.

Up to eight writers arrive on time. If you are running late, you are still welcome, just enter quietly and the prompt will be at a table by the door. Writers bring the tools they use to write. Paper and pens are available to those who forget.

Water, coffee, tea are provided.


The way a typical WritersGathering may look.

A suggested prompt is offered by facilitator which writers may use (or not) as a way to enter into writing.

We write.

Writers are invited to read what they have written. Don’t worry, you can pass.

Responses are offered following the guidelines of AWA:  What do you remember?  What do you like?  What is strong?

No questions or suggestions are allowed. The writer just listens.

A few more prompts are given and the above is repeated, except writers write something new. We end by reading aloud a poem or we share our inspirations.

Leading writing with 400 Secondary School Girls in Malawi. Africa

We say good-bye and reenter the world rejuvenated, having done something we love. We keep the words that others have written and shared with us confidential, carrying them in our hearts. And when a writer wants to share their work we celebrate and support that.

We come back next time, keeping our commitment to write and to others who write. We hope that these gifts we share will keep revealing their mysterious gifts to us and the world.

There are opportunities to submit up to 12 pages of written work for more in depth responses from facilitator and group. Writers may schedule a conference with Julie to discuss these pages or any other writing needs.


Other writing opportunities, to suit everyone’s need:

  • Half, full day and up to five-day retreats are designed to meet the needs of specific groups
  • WritersGathering will travel
  • Written feedback and face-to-face conferences with writers about their written work
  • Legacy Writing
  • Others, not yet discovered