What people are saying about WritersGathering…


“My very best writing emerges out of your groups’ creative cauldrons. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to submit pages to the group. I enjoyed reading your comments and felt they were spot on, very insightful and helpful.”    

~Elizabeth Dimarco, writer and marketing consultant

“In the midst of the craziness of work, I was thinking of this past week’s writing session, feeling grateful for having made time for creativity and quiet fellowship. This method really goes to the heart of what I love about writing for myself and with others. I love the structure that allows such intimacy and kindness, as well as the glimpses into the creative force that flows through us all. And it’s so nice to discover that it stays with me beyond the writing session itself.”     

~Heidi Stahl,  writer and AWA Affiliate

“Julie Gardner is a compassionate and thought-provoking leader. She makes it safe and FUN to explore the nooks and crannies of my mind that her prompts often take me to.”     

~Jennifer Haupt, journalist and author, In the Shadows of 10,000 Hills