Legacy Work

Our lives, our stories are sacred and meant to be shared.


Preserve and communicate what matters most to you, for yourself, your family and loved ones. Legacy writing is a gift you can give yourself now, and you create something beautiful to share with family and loved ones—an everlasting gift.

Perhaps you’ve prepared a Will, the legal document that leaves your “valuables” to others, or a Living Will also know as Health or Advance Care Directives, or maybe you’ve completed a Five Wishes document, but have you prepared an Ethical Will?

An Ethical Will is a record of your stories, values, life lessons, history, and blessings. It is not a legal document but an Ethical Will, or a portion of it, can be attached to a legal Will. Some people choose to give family or loved ones some Legacy Writings, a portion of their Ethical Will prior to death.

Having your Will, Health or Advanced Care Directives, and or the Five Wishes document completed isn’t necessary to begin legacy work, the writing of an Ethical Will, but you are encouraged to complete and/or review (maybe revise) those documents.

Julie enjoys working with individuals, families, small and large groups of all ages leading them into the meaningful work of preserving and communicating what matters most in their lives.  Most legacy work is achieved through writing. Julie gently eases people into the process. If needed, Julie transcribes oral stories for those who do not want or aren’t able to write, and supports other creative ways for people to make lasting legacy gifts. She designs the legacy work to meet individual, family or group needs.

Some people plan to do legacy work after they retire or when life becomes less busy. None of us really knows when we will die. We can all choose to live fully now. Legacy writing helps us to get clarity about what really matters. It’s never too early to begin.

“If not now, when?”