“I Simply, Smile” Cry and Smile Again

The blog has been dead since fall. Some of what has kept me from posting includes: two surgeries, the loss of my mother-in-law, the joys of shared time with family and friends, working in my volunteer roles, and leading writing groups. And, to be honest, when I’m not living in Presence, I don’t share my writing with others because I wonder if my words matter. I’ve been writing poems, prayers, working on the memoir and even experimented with a humorous piece about the surgeries, but when I’m not living in Light and Love, I share less.

It’s the resurrection season, and thanks to Kellie Day, it’s time to resurrect the blog. She reminded me of how writing and sharing stories touches lives, how it brings light and love into my own life and the lives of others.  If you haven’t read Ollie Horne’s “I Simply, Smile” which I posted in the fall, please do before reading the rest of this post.

Kellie knew Ollie personally. She wrote, “Hello, I found your blog by accident, while looking for something very specific regarding Ollie Horne. Your blog posts reflects Ollie’s life principle perfectly, it’s how he really lived…..I know, because I know Ollie personally. I thought that you would want to know that Ollie left our earthly home yesterday morning, to be with the One who was the source of his light. That was why I was searching Ollie’s name….I was looking for his obituary. I am happy to have stumbled upon your post; I plan to share it with his family and friends. Thank you! Ollie will be deeply missed by his family, all of those who call him friend and even by those who were touched by his incredible LIFE.”

Today I send prayers to Ollie’s family and friends. Ollie lived full beyond containment. He will live on in the stories, memories and in all he planted. Today “I Simply, Smile” through the tears.   I am stepping back into the purpose of my life which was Ollie’s too, “My purpose in life is to show love to everyone and to encourage everyone to live a full life.” Writing is one way I do that. Ollie will be missed but his Spirit will live on!




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